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Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 7pm - Plants and Pollinators – Dr. Arathi Seshadri from CSU; What to plant this Spring – John Swayze; for Location and Membership Dues - see below

Presentation: Sustaining pollinator populations by improving nutritive options for bees

Dr. Seshadri will focus on plant-pollinator interactions specifically the intricate connection with bees and plants that they forage on to feed their young. She will talk about some of the recent publications that demonstrate the importance of pollen, describe findings on pollen composition and talk about some of the ways by which each of us can contribute towards better nutrition for bees. She may touch on some colony management as related to nutrition too.

Meetings typically start at 7:00pm and are located at Project Angel Heart, 4950 Washington Street, Denver, CO 80216 (map).

Please park in the front (north) lot; not the lot behind the gate on the east side of the building, as the gate locks at 8:00 pm. Come to the grand main entrance of the building, located on the west side facing Washington Street (please do not try to enter through the volunteer entrance located on the north side of the building). There will be a smaller side door to the left of the main entrance’s glass doors. Please enter through this door and walk right across the hallway into Project Angel Heart’s project room, where the meetings will take place. Follow the posted signs on the doors if you are unsure where to enter.

2016 Membership Dues will be collected at the February meeting. Dues are $25 for the year and include co-membership in the CSBA. Please bring a check or cash. Click here to download the membership form.

Swarm Information/Hotline

Please click here to be directed to the Colorado State Beekeepers Association swarm information page.